Friday, January 30, 2009

sharing good news!

So, I’ve had a turn of events… just as I was gearing up for radiation it was decided by my doctors not to do it (after reviewing tests)! I do still have a level of cancer that is detectable on a blood test, but the doctors at Sloan Kettering feel that the level is low enough to not treat and it should, in theory remain stable for a long time. I take a drug (well it’s a slightly increased dose of synthroid—which is a thyroid replacement hormone) so that I am a wee bit hyperthyroid. Keeping me a little hyperthyroid actually suppresses the cancer and creates an environment that the cancer does not like to be in—meaning that it is a very effective therapy in and of itself. Ahh, the “joys” and confusion of thyroid cancer!

I'm overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. I was ready to get every inkling of cancer out of my body. But, at the same point, I really trust the doctors and don’t want to do radiation flippantly. And of course, it’s really nice not to have the radiation—which does carry negative side effects. If my level remains stable, I will formally be in a remission! I HAD to ask my doctor if I could have another child and he said that if things look good in 6 months, YES! So, that's is something nice to hope for.

In the meantime, I have questions for my doctor brewing in my brain. I’m going to store them up for my appointment in six months. I know all the main stuff—it’s just my crazy brain that is thinking of all kinds of ancillary thoughts. I am not quite over that stage yet, I haven’t been able to put the cancer out of my mind yet, but I will.

So, here begins a new blogging chapter—so far I’ve toggled between cancer, motherhood and other aspects of life. But now, I hope there will be less cancer news/talk. I will always be grateful for what cancer has taught me and aware of the impact that it has on my life. Thank-you everyone for your support and I hope you’ll keep reading as I continue to find my grace...

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Zeller Family said...

I couldn't be happier for you Marlena. This is the best news ever. I have a huge smile on my face. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!