Friday, January 2, 2009

my new year wish

My wish is for peace, both for me and for anyone else or any thing that is trying to achieve it. If I could obtain true peace, 2009 will be a success. I constantly fight anxiety and I'm tired of it. So, peace in '09 it is.

Jeff, Owen and I spent a very special first day of the year together. We went to Vermont to cross country ski/snowshoe with a pulk (sled) for Owen. It was COLD, and I thought about sissing out because my mother-in-law reported that conditions were arctic.

The cold wasn't too bad because the place that we went has beautiful trails through thick forest, so you are protected from the wind. Best of all, it was sunny and all the trees were dusted with powdery snow. Owen loves the pulk. This picture is actually from last year, but you can get the idea.

This year was different because I took a tumble on a hill, right onto my tailbone and Owen laughed HARD. I don't think he would have really gotten that giggle last year! Also, Jeff had to pull about ten pounds more of Owen!

I left Vermont feeling less anxious and ready for 2009--so happy for my time with my boys, the glow of exercise and the peacefulness of nature. Wishing you all a most blessed of New Years!

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Liz & Joe said...

Love the first photo, M. I didn't know you fell on your tailbone. eek. that hurts. hope it's better now.