Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Since I received a small tracer dose of I-131 right after my PET scan, along with no kissing, and there are various saliva precautions, etc. I told my husband that he would be the primary caregiver for Owen, and he woke up this morning saying:

“Here’s your primary caregiver.”

Owen is at the age where he really wants his mom, and I love that. Last night he wanted mom to read books—but it’s not a good idea since I’d be holding him, nuked up. Big things to remember when you’re emitting radiation is less time and distance (especially with kids).

This morning Owen wanted mom to change him, and it broke my heart...
...he loves his dad so much, but he’s puzzled as to why I’m not as close as I usually am.

Since I only received a tracer dose of I-131, I don’t need to be going crazy with these precautions. I’m probably being a little over cautious but I’d rather be that way.

Jeff had Owen for the afternoon and when they returned at 5pm and I stayed inside to make Owen’s dinner (with gloves on just to be really careful). Then we let him eat outside on his picnic table and I was able to sit on the porch, but wasn’t on top of him.

My other idea to have family time, but be able to keep distance from Owen was to go on a walk. This worked out well as I walked a few yards in front of or behind my boys. We walked to an open field where we could all run around—still having fun while keeping some distance.

Then it was bath time for Owen, stories and a “nice tuck,” sans kiss from me.

Rest of the night was processing time for me and a lovely feast of low iodine food. After my crazy day that involved a PET scan and the two diets at once (I really missed the carbs and for a PET scan there are no carbs in addition to the LID diet), I made fresh bread for myself and these delicious LID chocolate brownies (from the thyca website)—they were so rich you would never think they are low iodine!

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Liz & Joe said...

Good post. Love your photos.