Wednesday, November 19, 2008

new york part I

Jeff and I were determined to have a good time in New York—even if we were going for my doctor visit. So off we went….

he, he, he. Here’s my steadfast driver, although he wasn’t too happy with me because I was in a crabby mood on the way down… sorry, honey

We got into town with plenty of time for enjoyment including a leisurely lunch at The Spotted Pig where of all things, our wedding song was playing in the background (and it’s pretty esoteric).

I bought Corduroy's Christmas for Owen (half price!). Owen and I LOVE Corduroy—and I love the way he says it: “Cord-Roy.” I was thrilled to see that “a bear-share” of the royalties from the book benefits psychological support for children afflicted with cancer. Way to go Corduroy!

Then I went on a therapeutic shopping spree at Anthropology for two “brighten your mood” pairs of earrings...

So, I’ve been obsessing about this drum at FAO Swartz that I saw in their catalogue for only $14. So we stopped by their 5th Avenue store. Owen has really been into music lately, so I knew it would be perfect. It’s such a classic toy.

(Here you can see some of my “deferred maintenance,” Owen’s very shaggy hair…. ). Then the center of my support (Jeff) and I went on a walked uptown through Central Park and then across town to Sloan Kettering.


Zeller Family said...

I love that drum!!! He is so adorable and I'm glad you enjoyed a walk in Central Park...we got engaged on the bridge next to FAO at midnight on Christmas's a magical place!

Liz & Joe said...

Hey, I recognize those pants! Owen's stylin' between the pants and shaggy do. :-)