Monday, December 1, 2008

pre-thanksgiving crafts

Owen is starting to craft and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve proudly displayed hand turkeys made by Owen in our kitchen. Owen says: “hANd Turkey.” (with an accent on the A and N that makes him sound British)

I have a crafting book for toddlers and I’ve learned that I have to start collecting and holding onto all kinds of crazy stuff that I would normally throw away to use for craft projects like: dried up markers, shoelaces, cork screws, bubble wrap, containers of all sorts, pasta (wagon wheels and rigatoni), white paper plates, cotton balls, the list goes on. If you know me, you know that I HATE to hold onto stuff, especially items that appear to be garbage, but if we want to craft, I have to be a pack rat. And then there are some crafting staples that I have to buy like, pipe cleaner, googley eyes, feathers, felt. I have a running list that I’m slowly chipping away at.

Then you need to organize all of this stuff. This is the only way I can keep my sanity. So, I had an excuse to go to Target for clear storage containers for craft organization.

So, Owen is 2 years and 3 months now and the crafting has been moving along at a faster pace, thanks to a kid sized table from babystyle that I had been obsessing about for awhile. Oh… I love this table because it's covered in polka dots, one of my most favorite things! and the chairs can support up to 200 lbs of an adult! or turkey, monster, whatever.

Here are a few favorite crafts right now. Painting….
threading rigatoni onto a thick string, this kept him occupied for awhile.

But this was the biggest hit of all. Something that I’d only do now because I enjoy life more and I sometimes throw my previous inhibitions out the window.

It's along the lines of ok, so Owen you want to go get ice cream, let’s go…jump on the bed before bedtime, I’ll hold your hand…. Want to draw on your face?! ok, I'll help you.....

Let’s make ourselves into CATS! Meowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the look on his face—this was so worth it. Life is more fun when you’re impulsive.


Zeller Family said...

Super cute. I love the kitties!!! What a great thing to get super crafty with Owen :) I have so much to look forward too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Meghan said...

OMG, I'm laughing my butt off at your comment that Owen is starting to craft "and I couldn't be happier" - it is a stage in a son's life every mother looks forward to- the crafting stage- NOTE: immediately following this stage is the sniffing and eating glue stage- so keep your eyes on those supplies!
Also I love that he is so focused with making the pasta necklace - without pants. haaa, Owen has a strong work ethic! I often think, while at my desk, that I could concentrate better without stupid pants on.

Liz & Joe said...

I love it, Marlena. You now have a crafting partner. Save that book for me. Meanwhile, I'll save you all kinds of odds and ends for your projects.