Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a little tiny snowman

Past week: snow, ice storms
that knock out power for three days, insurance calls, and a toddler who does not like the camera, but here are some photos.....

Look mom, I built a tiny snowman and I'm adding raisin eyes!

I wonder what would happen if I eat this raisin.

Yes, I bribed Owen with chocolate chips for this picture. And it didn't even make the Christmas card cut! The things I said I would never do....I love this picture but I thought I needed a semi-smile for the card--and that's what I got.


Liz & Joe said...

Love Owen's mini-snowman. I can't believe that YOUR little "snowman" is camera shy. Where'd he get that from??

Zeller Family said...

Okay he is just completely adorable. I want to give him a hug!!!