Sunday, February 1, 2009

snow painting

All you need to paint snow is food coloring, water, and a squeezable and empty condiment container (like from a restaurant) to make the "paint," + snow. Note that I had red and Owen had blue.....

Owen requested that I take a pictures...then I thought I'd put them here.

The artist.

This is a highly recommended activity (about 2 yrs plus) for both enjoying the outdoors, beating the "winter blues" and being artistic. On top of that, it costs almost nothing!


Zeller Family said...

That's super creative and cute. I love it! I wish we had snow sometimes but I also love the beach in January :) I do admit to missing the fall season the most from the east coasT :) What a cute activity though!

Hopkins said...

That is such a neat idea! I will have to remember to do it with Graysen next Winter! I wonder if Alden would be at all into it?